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Ah Amuse, the darling of Perth’s fine dining scene and I would say the best food in all of Perth disregarding value. I have too much to talk about so onto the review. For the first time I actually bothered to take pictures too. Food: 9/10 [40%] The menu for the night is shown below, […]

Came here for dinner not expecting it to be amazing nor bad. Sort of a middling Japanese restaurant for a very reasonable price. Yeah that wasn’t going to happen. I’m going to use this new format for my reviews, each rating having a number then an explanation underneath for easier referencing. So onto the review. […]

[Note: They have changed suppliers from 5 Senses to Code Black from Melbourne. Code Black is one of my favourite roasters from Melbourne.] First proper post, first review. This is probably my favourite coffee locale in the whole of Perth. The guys are friendly, approachable and passionate about coffee. The coffee they serve is top […]

I started a blog. I’m not exactly sure what this blog is going to be, I think it will mainly be reviews of restaurants/cafes mixed in with my own thoughts on certain concepts. The other thing is how personal I want to delve with this but right now I think i might keep it fairly […]