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What changes average, normal service into exemplary, excellent service? Initiative and thoughtfulness. I have recently come back from a trip to Melbourne and one of the biggest things I noticed over there was how good the table service was at restaurants and cafes. Most of the time I’m at a restaurant I never think ‘wow […]

Review: Quay

The no. 48 Restaurant in the world and no. 2 in Australia (as of 2013 in the World’s 50 Best Rest.). My trip to Sydney was mostly for this restaurant as I wanted to compare it to Perth’s Restaurant Amuse. I’ve been a bit lazy getting this out so my memory is a bit fuzzy […]

Review: Nobu

Located in the Crown Casino complex, Nobu claims to offer up an “innovative” and “unique Japanese dining experience for you”. Well we’ll see as I lay out my thoughts below. Food: 8/10 [40%] To me the food at Nobu is rather hit and miss. Don’t get me wrong, the food there is good and some […]

Review: Restaurant Amuse

Ah Amuse, the darling of Perth’s fine dining scene and I would say the best food in all of Perth disregarding value. I have too much to talk about so onto the review. For the first time I actually bothered to take pictures too. Food: 9/10 [40%] The menu for the night is shown below, […]

Review: Tanpopo

Came here for dinner not expecting it to be amazing nor bad. Sort of a middling Japanese restaurant for a very reasonable price. Yeah that wasn’t going to happen. I’m going to use this new format for my reviews, each rating having a number then an explanation underneath for easier referencing. So onto the review. […]