My Thoughts on Singapore

This is pretty much what goes on in my head as I walked around Singapore and took the place in.

  • “Ooh a cute asian girl, cute asian girl, another cute asian girl”
  • “Oh hey a white person”
  • The weather is shit, man i hate humidity
  • “Shop till you drop” could be Singapore’s travel advertisement tagline
  • Men’s fashion is rather hit and miss, not to mention overpriced at times.
  • The other problem is the weather makes it hard to wear nice clothing (blazers, jeans etc.)
  • *spits drink* “Oh my that girl is super cute”
  • The coffee scene is surprisingly well developed, they’re a bit behind on filter brewing though, its quite inconsistent/boring at times
  • “Only 2 SGD for freshly squeezed juice?!?!?!”
  • I tend to notice that in most Singaporean couples, the woman is usually much more attractive than the male. Quite fascinating
  • Public transport is so convenient, most places are well serviced, I only found Robertson Quay to be a bit of a blackzone.
  • 10% service charges suck balls, its even worse when they don’t include the 7% GST in the pricing at the start. Snakes. The restaurants i went to that did that were good though…
  • “She sho coot, I want to pinch har widdle cheeks”

Coming back to Perth, I actually do feel depressed; the nicer weather is cold comfort. Sure there are great things here in Australia but we’re also behind in other areas. Guess I should look to greener pastures huh.


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  1. udefsgaybra · · Reply

    needs moar women

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