Sydney in a Nutshell

I recently got back from a holiday in Sydney for a week and wanted to put down some of my thoughts on the city.

  • Extremely busy, lots of hustle and bustle which can make you feel rushed to go somewhere but if you slow down and watch people go by, its not so bad.
  • Sydney needs way more signs, street signs, train line signs etc. I had a lot of trouble with where to stop off a bus cause i had no idea where i was.
  • Asians, Asians everywhere!
  • Many of the good things in Sydney are out in the suburbs with public transport dead zones, annoying but i guess you get your exercise!
  • The girls are quite nice (both in personality and looks =p)
  • Public transport runs 24/7 which is a god send
  • The city has extremes of both concrete jungle and beautiful greenery. It would be good if they could break it up better, concrete jungles are not nice (see: George St)
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens >>>>> Harbour Bridge and Opera House
  • Windy, not sure if it was just the week I visited or if its normal.
  • Its surprising how dirty and derelict George Street can be
  • Sydney specialty cafes have a love affair with Kees van der Westen machines. All I saw were Spirits and Mirages.

I believe that covers most things. All in all Sydney is a nice city and I could consider living there but I still prefer Melbourne.

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