Artist Highlight: Humming Urban Stereo

A song to listen to while you read.

Man after his hiatus for a few years, Lee Jeereen has been absolutely killing it recently. Humming Urban Stereo used to be a three person group but after Humming Girl’s death Lee Jeereen has been going at it solo with guest vocalists. His music tends to cross multiple genres such as bossa nova, electro pop, bubblegum pop with a sprinkle of acid jazz but recently its been mostly in the electronica genres of house and electro pop. His latest album, SPARKLE, is definitely my favourite and some of his best work has only come out recently. I seriously can’t stop listening, disgustingly catchy with sick electro beats. Anyway here’s some music to listen to give a taste, maybe you’ll like it.

I have the majority of his discography so if you want it just shoot me a message.

Music video below is somewhat NSFW

For more information see his wiki page and his youtube page or if you’re a user of

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