Review: Restaurant Amuse

Ah Amuse, the darling of Perth’s fine dining scene and I would say the best food in all of Perth disregarding value. I have too much to talk about so onto the review. For the first time I actually bothered to take pictures too.

Food: 9/10 [40%]

The menu for the night is shown below, none of us got the wine pairing but we did all go for the Manjimup black truffle extra.

The Degustation Menu for the Night

The Degustation Menu for the Night

Most of the menu changed from the last time i visited back in March, the things that i found the same was the first four little starters, the egg, taragon and potato in a pot (which is their signature dish) and i think the marron dish was similar. I can’t quite remember. Other dishes are shown below, from left to right: Chocolate, Chestnut, Marron, Black Truffles, and the Lamb.

ChocolateChestnutMarronBlack TrufflesLamb

Food porn aside, overall the meal was exceptional minus the sweet potato, salmon and dashi. I was surprised at how disappointing it was. The dashi broth just dominated the flavours in the dish and it was too fishy as a result. I even struggled to finish it off. The stand outs were the marron, lemon and sorrel: the citrus acidity and the sauce complemented the beautiful soft texture of the marron. Pork, pudding and cauliflower was my favourite dish for the night. Actually its funny, I can hardly remember it. I just remember all the flavours of the dish coming together to create something really special and standing out for me. The lamb, celeriac and cavolo nero (italian for black cabbage, shout out to my italian friend) was also a great dish. Melt in your mouth lamb with beautiful flavours coming through. Though there was something in it that tasted ‘off’ but it hardly detracted from the dish. Lastly, the persimmon, coconut and artichoke dessert was great. They carbonated the persimmon so you got a nice fizz on your tongue and the flavours all came together to make a lovely dish. Its a shame my palate isn’t as developed to separate and identify each flavour but my my, the food is absolutely divine.

Special mention for the black truffle risotto. Only cause black truffles sell between 1000 – 3000 AUD, I mean that shit is expensive and I don’t get why they do. They shaved a whole truffle ‘ball’ over your risotto so you could try the truffle pieces by themselves. To me, it tasted like mushrooms with a hint of chlorine. The texture was between a crispy/crunchy feel. Pretend like you’re walking through a swimming pool area while eating mushrooms. My friend said he was getting earthy flavours and he too didn’t understand what the appeal was. Anyone who’s tried black truffles care to comment? Because I really don’t get how those things can sell for so much. The risotto was nice though, rich and creamy with a great mushroom flavour.

Value: 8/10 [40%]

$130 (well +$25 for that night with the truffles), we did have entertainment cards to get a discount. Whether you think its worth it is completely subjective and it will differ from person to person. For me I think its well worth it for the experience. I wouldn’t want to be going for the same menu every time but when they do change the menu, I would gladly make the trip. I even compare other places to Restaurant Amuse e.g. is a place worth 1/3 or 1/4 of a trip to Amuse. The meal is easily filling and if you’re really that hungry, you can order more bread and butter/olive oil for free. The butter is amazing and the bread is well made. Hell I wouldn’t mind just eating that for lunch or dinner by itself. The sparkling water is no extra charge too!

All in all, although not the greatest value for money place in Perth, I would gladly come here over and over again as opposed to the other fine dining options here in Perth.

Service: 10/10 [15%]

Best. Service. Ever.

That I’ve experienced at least. The waiters all know their stuff from the wine matching to what the dishes contain. Your water glass will never go empty and you will never have to prompt them to refill it. If you have any questions they will respond kindly and without condescension. My friend even got some chocolate on his shirt cuff and without asking a waiter for it, they brought out an extra cloth and a glass of water to help him wipe it off. They even noticed that we’ve been there before (maybe they matched up the names when I reserved the table?). Either way, Amuse have all the little things sorted out and I can’t praise their service enough.

Ambience: 10/10 [5%]

Candlelight romance. Pretty much sums it up in a nut shell. The tables are well spaced so conversation from another table will hardly filter towards your own (unless they’re really loud and raucous a.k.a Asians or drunk). Ok i jest, the Asians that go to Amuse are fairly quiet and the only disturbance I experienced was the first time I went when some caucasians got a bit drunk and a bit loud towards the end of the night. You can’t really ask for anything more in terms of ambience. Maybe some light, soft music? Now I’m just nitpicking.

Overall: 8.8/10

If you’re willing to fork out the money, go there already. Its one hell of an experience and even talking to some friends they say Amuse beats out Tetsuya’s over in Sydney too.

And if you actually made it to the bottom, I applaud you. Can’t believe I turned out almost 1000 words for this ha ha ha.

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