Review: Tanpopo

Came here for dinner not expecting it to be amazing nor bad. Sort of a middling Japanese restaurant for a very reasonable price. Yeah that wasn’t going to happen. I’m going to use this new format for my reviews, each rating having a number then an explanation underneath for easier referencing. So onto the review.

Food: 6/10 [40%]

Food was very average, barely above passable. The takoyaki (たこやき) was pretty bad, the batter was horrid and the octopus inside was a little rubbery and fishy. Nigiri (にぎり) initially tasted alright, however I thought the rice was a little overloaded with vinegar. Then i figured out why, when the salmon/tuna was separated from the rice it tasted quite fishy and obviously lacked freshness; the vinegar and wasabi were compensating for the low quality fish. The karaage (からあげ) was actually nice but the amount of meat served was rather paltry. The rice was a bit hit and miss too, I honestly don’t know how you can stuff up cooking rice, shit I can do it easily. My Dad’s rice was a bit hard in some spots while soft and soggy in others, though the rice in my karaage was actually standard. My Mum got the beef ramen but it was rather meh, nothing special nor bad. All in all a very hit and miss place (though I’d argue more miss than hit).

Beef Ramen*

Beef Ramen*

Value: 7/10 [40%]

Well this is why people love the place, its dirt cheap depending on what you get. $6 for a decent portion of karaage you certainly can’t complain. Takoyaki is dirt cheap too (~50c per ball) but I would rather pay double and go somewhere like Nao for decent takoyaki. Nigiri is a rip off i think, its about $1.50 per piece but considering that the fish isn’t fresh (or maybe you can get lucky?) with vinegar overloaded rice no way. I’m questioning whether I should keep the rating at 7 since the food is so average but since its so cheap you really can’t complain about the quality you’re getting.

Service: 6/10 [15%]

What service? You go up to a counter to order, they bring out food, you might ask them to get you cutlery or fill up the free water on the table counter. Well they’re nice and pleasant so 6 should be a reasonable score.

Ambience: 4/10 [5%]

Not a very appealing location, its a bit dim (but not in the nice, romantic way) the furniture is a little derelict and the place is quite cramped overall. I suppose it serves more as a takeaway location rather than a dine in but the ambience score is low on weighting and low priority for me so no big deal. Hey I didn’t see any rats or cockroaches so there’s a plus hah.

Overall: 6.3/10

Honestly I wouldn’t want to come back here. After here we just went Mr Munchies Sushi down the road to eat some proper and fresh sashimi as well as a pleasant salad. I would rather pay double/triple at Mr Munchies than come back here again. I would put it on the same level as Chilliz, an alright, cheap, filling feed but you wouldn’t want to be eating it everyday.

Tanpopo on Urbanspoon

*Stolen from urbanspoon because I didn’t bother taking any pictures and it looks the same as what we got.


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