Review: Maven Espresso

[Note: They have changed suppliers from 5 Senses to Code Black from Melbourne. Code Black is one of my favourite roasters from Melbourne.]

First proper post, first review. This is probably my favourite coffee locale in the whole of Perth. The guys are friendly, approachable and passionate about coffee. The coffee they serve is top notch and even if you drink a skinny latte with 3 sugars I’m sure you’d still be able to taste some difference, yeah ok thinking about it I don’t actually believe that. They usually run 5 Senses coffee through their Mazzers and Synesso but sometimes they’ll have guest roasters such as Code Black from Melbourne.

If you’re a fan of filter coffee (Chemex, V60 pourover etc) they’ll always have something different so there will usually be a reason to go back each week. They also have cold drip options though the beans used sometimes change and sometimes don’t. Depends on timing. This isn’t really a criticism but if you’re a stickler for variety and novelty, like me, running the same thing over and over again gets boring.

Front of Maven with Cold Drip Towers*

Front of Maven with Cold Drip Towers*

The only con of this place is its size. Its situated smack bang on the first floor of Raine Square and since it caters more for takeaways, it has no real place for seating. There are three seats right next to them but that limits you to catch ups in pairs or a tiny group. It is possible to sit in the food court area and they will serve you however for me I like to watch the baristas work their magic, and not getting my coffee served in a takeaway cup. But if you’re not bothered by that its definitely worth a trip for a larger group.

They also have cupcakes for sale, which are pretty nice. I hardly ever get them though.

Final Comment: Just go here already and stop wasting your time at places like Gloria Jeans, Coffee Club and Dome etc.


Coffee: 9.5/10 [75%]

Service: 9/10 [20%]

Ambience: 7/10 (it is in the middle of a bustling shopping centre but its not that loud) [5%]

Value: Standard Pricing unless they’re running Gesha or some ninetyplus coffee.

Total: 9.275/10

Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 06:30 – 16:30

*Stolen from their facebook page @

Maven Espresso on Urbanspoon I don’t agree with urbanspoon ratings on cafes, they’re actually pretty inaccurate. I’m only linking this so that I can put the blog up on urbanspoon.


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