What changes average, normal service into exemplary, excellent service? Initiative and thoughtfulness. I have recently come back from a trip to Melbourne and one of the biggest things I noticed over there was how good the table service was at restaurants and cafes. Most of the time I’m at a restaurant I never think ‘wow […]

This is pretty much what goes on in my head as I walked around Singapore and took the place in. “Ooh a cute asian girl, cute asian girl, another cute asian girl” “Oh hey a white person” The weather is shit, man i hate humidity “Shop till you drop” could be Singapore’s travel advertisement tagline […]

The no. 48 Restaurant in the world and no. 2 in Australia (as of 2013 in the World’s 50 Best Rest.). My trip to Sydney was mostly for this restaurant as I wanted to compare it to Perth’s Restaurant Amuse. I’ve been a bit lazy getting this out so my memory is a bit fuzzy […]

I recently got back from a holiday in Sydney for a week and wanted to put down some of my thoughts on the city. Extremely busy, lots of hustle and bustle which can make you feel rushed to go somewhere but if you slow down and watch people go by, its not so bad. Sydney […]

Located in the Crown Casino complex, Nobu claims to offer up an “innovative” and “unique Japanese dining experience for you”. Well we’ll see as I lay out my thoughts below. Food: 8/10 [40%] To me the food at Nobu is rather hit and miss. Don’t get me wrong, the food there is good and some […]

A song to listen to while you read. Man after his hiatus for a few years, Lee Jeereen has been absolutely killing it recently. Humming Urban Stereo used to be a three person group but after Humming Girl’s death Lee Jeereen has been going at it solo with guest vocalists. His music tends to cross […]

This song is amazing and it gives me chills.